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*Promotions vary between states. Check your state to see what promotions are available to you. Click on the More Info button to check plan rates in your service area.

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Free Activation

Get landline telephone in Alabama, Kentucky, Kansas, South Carolina, or Texas and more, and get FREE Activation.

To get connected, pay only the first month's service. Call now and ask for HALF OFF and we'll charge you half price for that first month. And, as an added incentive, we'll take $5 off each month for the next 5 months!

Free First Month

Get a government assisted lifeline plan activated or converted from your current provider and your first Month of service is FREE*. Get UNLIMITED long distance added to your service for just $10. Available in Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana, and more.

An activation charge is due before plan can be activated. Under this promotion, the first month's service charges are waived. If other services such as long distance is ordered, payment for that would be due in advance of connection.

Non-government assistance plans available from $38.50/mo

Gov't Cellular Plan

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1000 Minute

Lifeline Government Wireless Plan

  • Free handset
  • Texting
  • Voicemail
  • No bill!

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Get a mobile handset and a 1000 minute plan for nothing!
*For qualified low-income customers

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Unlimited Long Distance

$10 / mo*

With our Lifeline plans, in many states you can get unlimited minutes of long distance calling for just $10/mo.
*Not available in all states

To get our promotional rates and savings, you must be currently enrolled in a qualifying Government Assistance Program or have your total household income not exceed 135% of U.S. Federal Poverty Level. Call for qualification details. Qualifications can vary among states.