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Expert Communications Marketing, Inc., dba Expert Phone, has been in business since 2007. The companies founders started as a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier in 1998 and felt the need to create a company that specializes in connecting customers to reliable prepaid landline phone service at the best prices. ILECs like Verizon, Bellsouth, and AT&T had driven up prices for so long created financial hardship for many low-income families because of unrealistic long distance or per-call charges. This left customers with disconnected phones, large unpaid bills, and large deposit requirements to get re-connected.
Expert Phone's mission is to get families who want the security of home phone service connected with as little money down and at low monthly prices. To do that, Expert Phone partners with many prepaid CLECs and monitors pricing all over the country. Expert's sales associates can guide customers to choosing the right provider and then get their phone active again. Because Expert Phone has many partners, we are confident that we can find a solution for every customer, regardless of past-due bills and credit history.

Many customers in need of prepaid landline service are low income households that qualify for government assistance under the Lifeline program. Lifeline was created by the federal government in the 80's in order to make phone service affordable for all. It was under-utilized until recently. Then, as many providers tried to take advantage of a program that was mostly unmonitored, a great deal of fraudulent claims were being made. This prompted the FCC to reform the Lifeline program. Under the FCC's reform order, there are more stringent rules for verifying that customers qualify and comply with the Lifeline policies, which makes it more difficult to get into the program. Expert Phone will walk customers through the application process. For those qualified, we can make sure that you will properly fill out and submit the necessary forms and documentation.

Expert Phone is here to help.

Not Just Home Phone

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Cell Phone Plans

Expert Phone is not just providing home phone service. We now can get you a Lifeline wireless plan that will give you up to 1000 minutes per month, including texting, for FREE. Not qualified for Lifeline? That's OK. How about a 1000 minute plan for under $20 per month?


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We can get you great electricity rates in Texas. Prepaid or Postpaid plans in areas like Dallas, Houston, and more. We can now get you connected in Pennsylvania and New York.