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Troubleshooting Long Distance Issues

First, check to be sure that your are calling the right access number. Access numbers vary depending upon your long distance provider.
Next, verify that your account is in good standing. Long distance service is available until your billing due date. If you have a past due invoice for our phone service, your long distance is suspended until your account is made current.
Finally, make sure that you still have minutes available. You can check your minutes available by calling the access number. Your minutes will refresh on your billing cycle date or when you pay your bill, whichever comes later. If you need additional minutes before your cycle date, call customer service.

I don't see the Lifeline discount on my monthly invoice.

The Lifeline discount will appear on your monthly billing statement as a seperate line item. The amount varies among states but starts at $9.25 for lifeline. If your lifeline discount used to be on your bill and now is not, it is possible we did not receive required documentation from you. The Lifeline certification form must be re-submitted annually in order to stay eligible. If you have not submitted a new certification within the past year, you can log into your account through the customer portal and submit one. Or, call customer service for more information.