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Troubleshooting Home Phone Service Issues

Test-1 If you are experiencing static on the line and you are using a cordless phone, simply change the channel. Most times, this can greatly reduce or even eliminate static on the line.
Test-2 Make sure all phones in your house are properly hung up. If you have more than one phone, make sure that you check them all. Don't forget computers with modems and fax machines.
Test-3 Unplug all phones, fax machines and computers from the wall. Wait 5 minutes then plug one standard corded telephone into each jack, one jack at a time. Cordless phones are not recommended for this test! Stop here if dial tone is restored.
Test-4 Our last test is to check for service at the Network Interface Box. To perform this test you will need your corded telephone and a screwdriver.
If you live in a house or mobile home, look for the Network Interface Box on the side or rear of the building. It is usually green or gray in color and close to where the phone wires go into the building. The words "Network Interface" or "NID" are usually written in the outside of the box.
  Telco NID 1 Telco NID 2

Once you've located the box, open the cover. You may have to remove a screw to gain access.

Open the latch inside the box and plug your corded phone in to the test jack, then listen into the handset.

Once completed, call us with your results.
If you live in a large apartment complex you may not be able to do this test. Contact the apartment manager for assistance with this test.

Before you begin

If you have experienced problems with your phone service, we are here to help get you connected again as quickly as possible!

An unnecessary service call could cost you $90 or more. To avoid this, we need the results of a few simple tests that you can perform. If you've already performed these tests please call our customer service.

Please Be Aware - If your service is scheduled to start today, it may not be activated until 8 pm this evening.