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On-line ordering is not available for your state at this time. To order service or to find out more about it, please call, toll free, during business hours at 1-866-202-2767.

Due to recent FCC reform of the Lifeline program, there are new requirements for all applicants. Each applicant is required to submit a Signed Lifeline Certification form and provide Proof of Eligibility before they can receive Lifeline benefits.

Proceed with ordering by calling our Sales Department at:


1. Signed Lifeline Certification

You are required to submit to us a signed Lifeline certification form. You can download and print the form here. If you prefer, a form can be mailed to you once you have placed your order.

2. Proof of Eligibility

You can qualify for Lifeline service by already being enrolled in a government assistance program (like medicaid, food stamps, etc. see requirements here), or based on your household income. You must provide proof that you are in that qualifying program or proof of your income.
Your proof can be a high resolution picture of an acceptable document / card or a pdf file, etc. Only one form of proof is needed. Once you've placed your order for service, you'll need to provide the proof before we can activate your service. See the section below for methods to get the proof to us.

Methods to deliver documentation:
  • Fax document to: 1-866-700-4736
  • Upload a pdf, picture of document, or scanned document from your computer during enrollment.
You may scan, make a copy, or take a high resolution picture of the proof document or card and/or the Lifeline Certification, then send it to us. Be sure that your name is legible on the proof that you send in. Please include your new account number on all documentation so that we can apply it to your account.