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Sprint To Be the Exclusive Carrier of the Latest Essential Phone

Sprint Mobile

Earlier this month, the first phone by Essential was revealed.

Essential is said to be a startup owned by the co-founder of Android – Andy Rubin. With this release, the Essential phone is expected to make a huge impact in the mobile phone industry.

During the release of the phone, no names of the carriers delivering mobile and home telephone service were revealed for the partnerships with Essential. However, the latest buzz has it that Sprint is going to be the exclusive carrier for the Essential phone.

The news came into the light when Niccolo de Masi, Essential President, revealed about the agreement, mentioning Sprint as the network of the future.

Revealing the agreement with Sprint, Masi spoke with USA TODAY. “We like to bet where we think the market is going as opposed to where the market was,” he mentioned. “I feel like we are a new brand and a new consumer electronics company and we are partnering with the network of the future”, he added, referring to Sprint.

According to Essential, the decision was based on a strategic plan.

However, it’s a little hard to believe that Essential chose Sprint on purpose. It has been observed that most of the huge telecommunication companies and renowned mobile or home telephone service providers didn’t show any interests in Essential’s pitch. The reasons could be many!

First off, when it comes to relying on a new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), the telecommunication carriers providing mobile and long distance home phone service, become quite cautious. Thus, no large carriers budged for the latest Essential phone – the PH-1.

The second reason might be that the big telecom carriers weren’t quite impressed with the pitch that Essential placed. It was thus, quite difficult for Essential to impress the carriers like Verizon and AT&T that have been playing as the lead mobile and home telephone service providers of the time, followed by T-Mobile.

Contrary to this, Sprint has lost many subscribers in the past and thus, it has been taking the newer phones on board in a hope to boost its customer count.

This is the reason that Sprint has recently become the only US carrier partner for HTC U11 and Blackberry KEYone.

The Lingering Risk

For a startup, Essential has a certain amount of risk in its future, calling Sprint its ‘Exclusive Carrier’. This might bring confusion to prospects thinking that they have to be on the Sprint network to get access to the Essential phones.

This can be a misleading statement and things might turn out the way they did when Google released Pixel with Verizon as its exclusive carrier. By far, people aren’t aware that the phone is available at the Essential store as well, like Pixel was available at the Google Store, too.


Sprint’s pricing for the Essential phone PH-1 hasn’t been announced yet. However, at the Essential online store, one can get the phone unlocked for $699. You can also get an accessory 360 camera along with the phone, for $50 extra.

So, by far things seem a bit chaotic for Essential. It is yet to be seen if its choice for the mobile and long distance home phone service provider among the leading telecom companies will be fruitful or not.

Sprint’s Magic Box to Boost 4G LTE Signals in Offices and Homes

Sprint Magic Box

When it comes to 4G LTE wireless services, most network providers fail to provide a great signal indoors. Thus, at homes and offices, we face certain network glitches like the loss of network, weak network signals, and slow connections.

However, Sprint – the mobile network services and home phone provider – has acknowledged this source of pain to its customers. The growing telecommunication company has introduced what is claimed to be the world’s first all-wireless small cell called the ‘Magic Box’.

The new and innovative device is said to boost the wireless data signals inside buildings, providing stronger network coverage.

Sprint Magic Box 

Sprint has been striving to make it’s presence in the market stronger for a long time now. And things are unfolding pretty well. So much so that the cheap phone service provider is proving out to be a strong competitor and also a threat for telecommunication giants like Verizon with its wireless services.

The Magic Box, introduced by Sprint earlier this month, is a shoebox-sized plug-and-play device that is intended for wireless data connectivity to speed up when used indoors.

The device is designed for a use in buildings, homes, offices, and even while traveling.

Though Sprint wireless customers don’t face many troubles with data speed, the Magic Box is ideal for areas where the signals are still weak or interrupted. With this device installed in your building, you can boost your upload and download speed by around 200%.

The best part about the Magic Box is that you just need to invest in the device once and use it for free for as long as you have it. Yes, no costs! The Magic Box runs for free.

Also, the handling and use of this smart device have been well thought about by the famous mobile, wireless, and home phone providers. The device is specially designed for easy and hassle-free use.

You just need to plug the box into a power outlet near a window of your house or office and you’re good to go!

How does it work?

The device works after being plugged into a wall and placed near a window. Once powered up, the Magic Box acts as a booster for cellular wireless signals. This is for the 4G LTE services provided by Sprint – a growing wireless, mobile and home phone provider.

There have been similar technologies available in the market in the past. But the Magic Box neither requires any payments to be made for a separate service, nor a broadband connection to boost the signals.

The Magic Box comes with a dedicated channel to the Sprint cell towers that are nearest to the device. This is why the device is to be deployed near a window, to get the best signals from the towers.

The device will be available for free to the ‘qualifying’ customers of the cheap phone service provider, as mentioned by Sprint. Though the factors qualifying the customers for the Magic Box are still not mentioned by the company. The product is available for a pre-order on the company’s website.

Final Thoughts

Sprint has been doing great in the industry. From a very bad reputation and poor signals to a growing demand for its services and a growing customer base, the carrier is moving towards more growth. With the Magic Box first made available to businesses, the wireless and cheap phone service provider will surely be able to gain the attention of it’s competitors.

Speculation about the Possibility of Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Worries Customers

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger

Something fishy seems to be going on in the US wireless market. The internet has suddenly become home to speculations about the possibility of merger talks between Sprint and T-Mobile. These rumours making the rounds on the internet are causing butterflies in the stomach of phone service users and consumer advocates.  Some industry experts are declaring it as the only way for both Sprint and T-Mobile to be able to compete against Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

How This Deal Could be Possible

It’s the second attempt of Sprint to buy its rival after failing in 2014. The credit goes to the immense pressure from the FCC (Federal Communication Commissions). However, this deal now could easily be possible under the Trump Administration as per Wall Street and Consumer Advocate.

Trump’s Meeting with Masayoshi Son Fueled Such Speculations:

President-elect Donald Trump’s meeting with Masayoshi Son, the Chief Executive Officer of Sprint’s parent company, fueled these speculations. Both of them were looking satisfied after the meeting as they made the announcement of a $50 billion deal by SoftBank in the United States. SoftBank had paid the amount of more than $20 billion for Sprint INC. in the year 2012. Sprint ran after T-Mobile. The FCC had to intervene and block this deal. Now Masayoshi Son has again expressed his interest in T-Mobile in 2016. Albeit, nothing has been officially said/announced in this regard.

Phone Service Subscribers Also Say Something:

Consumer advocates are totally skeptical at the consolidation. This is very much true about the market that is full with phone service providers like Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T trying to outcompete their rivals fiercely on market front.

Former FCC Chairman Calls it Against the Interests of Consumers

“Having four providers has been a boon for investment, consumers, and the public interest,” says Mr. Michael Copps, Former FCC Chairman from 2001 to 2011. According to him, allowing two of the topmost phone service providers in United States combine is like moving in the wrong direction. This is only going to increase the burden of cost on consumers and leave them less choice. He is not in favor of the Sprint and T-Mobile merger.

Most of Users Also Agree:

Even customers are of the same view. Many of them were asked in regard to a potential merger between T-Mobile and Sprint on Facebook. Most of the customers openly praised T-Mobile for their excellent quality of phone service. On the other hand, customers lambasted Sprint’s services. Some of them even talked about leaving T-Mobile if it is bought by Sprint INC.

Final Words:

T-Mobile is about to secure first place ahead of industry leaders like Verizon Wireless and AT&T, leaving them behind convincingly. However, not all of the things or industry experts are negative about this potential merger between T-Mobile and Sprint INC. It is too early to say for sure how this will turn out as the Trump administration takes over the reins from the Obama administration.

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