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Combining Style and Superior Specs, Home Phones Hit Back

Home Phones Hit Back


Home phones are no longer the poor old relative of communications technology. With high-specifications and stylish models now available in the market, landlines are quickly coming up the curve and are set to win hearts, yet again.

As more of us shun the landline in favor of our increasing dependency on mobiles, many seem to assume that there isn’t much scope left for innovation in the home phone arena. However, companies selling these phones are adding a zing to the telephone sets and bringing them back in style.

In one such move, Uniden has recently released its stylish Modro series of residential phones. Created for those who love a little vintage design at their fingertips, Uniden’s new Modro range is a throwback to the classic rotary dial telephone. A lightweight and portable unit with a pop of color, the phone has all the essential features and styling required for a modern home or office landline.

The new Modro range includes cordless and corded options with push-button digits arranged in a traditional circular style. The phones sport a smart LCD and Caller ID display as well as a digital duplex speaker phone to facilitate effortless, hands-free conversations. The Modro also incorporates a digital time and date display. Both phones have built-in answering machines with pre-recorded “we’re not home” messages, also offering the facility to record your own. The Modro can store 50 phonebook entries allowing you to keep your most frequently used contacts handy just like a cellular phone does.

All in all, we can expect the new Uniden landline sets to offer at least some of the basic features of mobile handsets, of course without the hassles of charging phone batteries. Also, with the level of reliability and voice quality that a cellphone can’t match, these stylish landline phones are sure to appeal people in their own way.