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Virgin Mobile to Offer Wireless Residential Phone Service

Virgin Mobile Landline

It seems as if Virgin Mobile has decided to rub shoulders with time. The company is now offering new wireless residential phone services. This puts the company well in line with its fellow sub-brands like Fido and Koodo. The company seems to be planning to provide this service in a different way as compared to its industry competitors.  All of the new residential phone service (wireless) users will be provided this service both on a month-to-month as well as on a two-year contract basis.

What else is in store?

This news is yet to be officially updated by the company on its website. However, Bell’s budget carrier is expected to stock its ZTE residential phone adaptor at around $39.99. This price is almost the same as offered by FIDO and Koodo. As far as Virgin Mobile is concerned, the company has a plan to provide an option to all its new residential phone service consumers to get the adapter at the price of $0 down on a contract of two years.

In both cases, the monthly cost will remain around $20 for its current and new consumers. This expected cost is very much similar to the monthly cost charged by Koodo. There is just one difference between the two- Koodo is known for providing Canada-wide calling to users while Virgin Mobile offers unlimited calling to the users residing in the United States for an unspecified “limited time”.

This is What Fido Offers:

In comparison to the service provided by Koodo and Virgin Mobile, Fido, Virgin’s fellow sub-brand, is known for offering its plan at the cost of $18 per month. This plan is for unlimited Canada-wide calling. Fido offers another plan that is for customers seeking services for both unlimited Canada and US-wide calling. As for price, it is $20 for existing customers whereas new residential phone service users will have to pay the amount of $30.

Some Additional Features on Offer:

This service is likely to be full of many features. Virgin Mobile is offering many additional features also. Customers will be allowed to add these additional features on a monthly basis. Virgin is offering an unlimited calling plan at the cost of $15 per month to help customers make phone calls to China and Hong Kong. 1000 minutes at the cost of $20 per month to call in India is also a part of this service.

Taking everything into consideration, Virgin Mobile’s decision to come in line with its fellow-sub brands like Koodo and Fido clearly seems to be a strategic move to ensure new growth in the wireless home phone sector. Virgin’s industry competitors like Verizon and Sprint are already making strategic decisions in this regard. All this clearly indicates that all of the companies are now actively paying attention to the wireless home phone service sector in the United States.


Finally, Virgin Mobile’s US based new residential phone service users will be able to enjoy an unlimited calling plan at very affordable rates. Moreover, this will save a lot of money for the users who don’t want to pay too much. Let’s just wait for this service to be launched by the company. It will be very interesting to see what the company is actually offering to the customers to stay in the game.

Privacy Breach Fiasco Puts a Question Mark on the Customer Data Security Process and Practices of Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile

Last week’s privacy breach fiasco has put Virgin Mobile’s reputation under the hammer. This embarrassing privacy breach has certainly raised the eyebrows of many Virgin Mobile customers. Most of the Virgin Mobile prepaid phone service users are already turning to their social media accounts for reporting the issue.

What Exactly Happened!

This problem started bothering Virgin Mobile customers during the morning session of Tuesday on 16th August 2016. Subscribers were directed to a stranger’s voicemail messages or voice mail inbox immediately after dialing 212 from their phones. That’s not all! The problem did not just stop here. All of the prepaid phone service users of the company are taking this problem very seriously because of many more reasons listed here.

  • They don’t know whose message bank they are accessing.
  • They struggled to access their own message bank.
  • They could hear or delete all of these messages.
  • Security pin was not needed to do so.
  • Every time users dialed 212, they ended up accessing the voice messages of random strangers.
  • Sometimes they were even asked to leave a voice message.

Some of the customer also reported their own concern about the security of their own voicemail messages. If they are getting access to random stranger’s voicemail messages then somebody else must also be accessing their message bank. This problem persisted until Virgin Mobile deactivated the service. This problem forced the cheap cell phone service provider to deploy experienced technical resources to investigate the issue quickly for determining all of the causes and factors responsible for this huge mix-up.

Swift Action from Virgin Mobile for Solution:

As expected, Virgin Mobile treated this problem seriously and quickly released a statement. The company released this statement to promise all of their customers they will leave no stone unturned to ensure the security and privacy of their voicemail messages, treating the situation with the utmost priority. The company released the statement on its official Facebook page.

But what is even more bothersome for customers is that the company has confirmed that customers affected will find it very difficult to lodge a privacy complaint in the office of the Australian information commissioner for some reasons mentioned below:

  1. The company reacted quickly and solved the issue.
  2. Virgin Mobile, an affordable cell phone service provider, apologized to all of its affected consumers and acted transparently.
  3. Company’s technical experts smartly protected customer’s data during the resolution.
  4. Company’s officials prioritized monitoring all of its social media channels for responding to the customer’s enquiries.
  5. Being one of the high quality and cheap cell phone service providers, the company has promised all of its customers that this kind of problem will not occur in future.

This certainly has helped the company save its reputation as one of the most secure prepaid phone service providers in the market. And, it looks like customers can heave a sigh of relief. It will be very interesting to see how the company manages to restore and regain its market reputation from here on. Moreover, it will also be very interesting to see whether customers calm down or claim compensation for this inconvenience from such a cheap phone service provider like Virgin Mobile.