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Verizon Smart Rewards Program Ending Soon

Verizon Wireless

According to the new buzz going on in the world of telecommunication, Verizon is ending its age-old Smart Rewards program, replacing it with a new one!

Customers that have been using the local phone service provided by Verizon must be well aware of its Smart Rewards program which is going to end soon. In place of this program, the telecom giant has introduced a new program called “Verizon Up”.

The Change of Reward Programs by Verizon

The plan has been utilized by Verizon customers for a long time now and it’s finally time to say goodbye to the reward plan.

As per the plan, customers could collect rewards and use them up through daily deals on vacations, merchandise, and more!

However, with a new rewards program, the cheap phone service provider is putting an end to the Smart Rewards program, and the process has started from 1st August.

From the said date, customers now cannot earn more points under the plan and the accumulated points or rewards can be used up till October 31st.

In this regard, Verizon – the leading local phone service provider in the US – seems to have a plan.

The telecom behemoth says that until the time when the Smart Rewards program is bound to end, that is until 31st October, it is going to introduce some sweepstakes and offers so that the points can be utilized well.

Though it has been seen that the Smart Rewards program by Verizon has never been much liked by customers of its local phone service. The reason behind this is that the offers, sweepstakes, and discounts offered under the program weren’t very beneficial for customers.

Even after collecting a good amount of points, they still had to pay for the merchandise, offers, etc. So, as per most Verizon customers, the Smart Rewards didn’t bring much to them by the cheap phone service provider.

Starting from November 1st, Verizon is introducing the all new rewards program called Verizon Up. The plan is targeted towards offers including concerts, movie tickets, brand new phones, game tickets, and much more!

As per the announcement of the new reward program made by the giant local phone service provider, the program features stores and sellers like Uber, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Nike, JetBlue, and more!

It is to be seen whether the new plan is going to take over the old one by Verizon and we’ll get to know more about this on November 1st.

In A Nutshell

The buzz about the new reward program by Verizon has been in telecom markets for a long time now. However, as the ending date of the old Smart Rewards program is inching closer, things are getting more hyped.

Customers with accumulated points are looking for ways to spend their points and earn their benefits from them and Verizon seems to be a helping hand in this matter.

However, we still have to see if the customers get a genuine chance and opportunity to spend their points and get genuine benefits or not.

Verizon Charging Extra for Anti-Spam Features That Other Carriers Offer For Free

Verizon Anti Spam

Verizon has come up with yet another feature that has landed them into yet another controversy. The headlines have it that the mobile prepaid phone service provider is going to charge its customers for anti-spam features.

The matter of controversy here is that the other giant mobile and affordable telephone service providers are providing the same services for free. So, what is Verizon up to? Is the anti-spam feature provided by the telecom giant really worth paying a price for?

Verizon’s Anti-Spam Feature

Quite recently, Verizon announced a new subscription service that will help customers cut down on the robocalls and other automated spam calls and messages. To get the service, customers have to get the Verizon Caller Name ID app.

The app developed by the giant prepaid phone service provider tells its customers whether an incoming call is fraudulent, automated, a robocall, or spam. This saves the customers from being plagued by answering unnecessary calls.

The surprising and confusing fact about this service by Verizon is that the telecom behemoth is charging $2.99 per month for it.

This is a bit confusing for customers wondering why they have to pay $3 every month for this feature while the other affordable telephone service providers are giving it away for free. Carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile are delivering anti-spam features for free which is why Verizon’s paid subscription could be criticized.

Verizon’s Caller ID App

Verizon customers can get the caller ID feature by Verizon on both Android phones and Apple iPhones. This feature lets the customer decide whether or not to pick up the call and customers can easily reject the spam or robocalls to save a great amount of their time and money.

The Verizon Caller Name ID app for iPhone is available on the App Store from where it can be easily installed and the service can be used. For Android users, the spam detection tool can be picked from the Verizon app folder inside the smartphone. The Android version of the app is available only for the 18 Android phones eligible under Verizon’s mobile and prepaid phone service.

Through the app, the customers can see the caller ID and details of the numbers that are not saved in their phones. These details include the name of the people and businesses, location, and their contact details.

The app also allows customers to report the unwanted numbers by identifying them.

Quite similar features are offered by the other mobile and affordable telephone service providers as well but they are available for free and might be a little different from Verizon’s app.

According to Verizon, “Available for $2.99 per month, Caller Name ID is a premium experience delivering the right information at the moment it’s needed, including a “risk meter” for Android customers showing the likelihood of fraud.” 

In a Nutshell

As the anti-spam feature by Verizon comes with a price, it is more likely that the customers will pass on using the app. Chances are that most of the customers switch to other mobile prepaid phone service providers to get that feature for free. No doubt that Verizon will keep a close watch on its customers to see if this is a feature that would chase away subscribers.

Verizon’s Perked up Prepaid Plan: More Data for Less Money

Verizon Wireless

Have you been a prepaid wireless customer, whining about how you keep getting less services on your prepaid plans as the prices keep going up? Well, if you’re a Verizon customer, you’re going to stop whining for a little while as the telecommunications carrier has spiced up its prepaid plan!

What’s New in Verizon’s Prepaid Plan?

The unlimited prepaid plan offered by Verizon during the month of April surely brought a lot of traffic to its prepaid phone service. The plan introduced free data, calling, and text messaging to Verizon customers for $80 a month.

However, with growing competition coming from different competing carriers, Verizon had to bring about some changes in its prepaid offerings to stay in line with the changing trends.

So, starting on June 6th, 2017, the mobile and landline telephone service provider has cut prices of its prepaid plan and is also offering more data.

Now, the data that the customers will get for $40 is increased to 3GB from 2GB, the one for $50 is increased to 7GB from 5GB, and the 10 GB plan stays as is in terms of data, however, the price has been reduced from $70 to $60 in the revised plan.

Along with all these benefits, there is also a downside of the new changes in the plan. This painful downside is the 480p limit on video streaming!

Yes, if you’re a Verizon customer and you go for this plan, you wouldn’t be able to stream videos in their HD state. The videos are limited to the quality of 480p by the prepaid phone service provider. And this goes with all tiers of the data that you pick in the plan.

Also, the speed of your data is going to be limited to 128kbps after you’ve used up your monthly data allowance. This applies to customers that haven’t chosen the unlimited plan for their prepaid phone service from Verizon.  But if you haven’t used up all your data by the end of the month, the leftover data will be carried over to your next monthly data plan.

The carrier mentions that the customers using this plan are going to be prioritized over others in case of network congestion.

The prepaid customers are also offered to use Verizon compatible phones. You can pick one from a great number of top choices like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S8, etc.

Verizon has also offered a $100 credit to customers that sign up for the Big Red prepaid plans. The credit is given after the end of 2 month’s billing period.

What’s the catch?

We have seen how Verizon is facing a tough time from the other huge giant mobile and landline telephone service providers and so, it must come up with newer plans to keep its foot down in the market.

The new changes made in the prepaid plans by Verizon seem amusing as more data is offered at less prices. It has greater chances of bringing a lot of traffic to Verizon’s prepaid services. However, the 480p limit on videos might be an impediment in the plan’s success.

So, let’s wait and see how it works out for Verizon!

T-Mobile’s New Attack on Verizon: Will Things Actually Work?


The third largest mobile and non-residential home telephone service provider in the US, T-Mobile, is staying relevant in the news headlines through its new strategies and challenges for its competitors. And yet again, the company has proved its point that it’s not going to stop!

T-Mobile’s New Assault on Verizon

With a recent announcement, T-Mobile has put its new limited-time promotion to the forefront. This promotion targets the customers of Verizon Wireless.

According to T-Mobile, if Verizon customers switch to its affordable telephone service, the carrier will pay the complete balance owed for their mobile devices including iPhone and Google Pixel. The amount to be paid can even be as much as $1000.

“Switch and keep your eligible iPhone or Pixel. We’ll pay for it. That’s right, starting May 31st we’ll pay off what you owe on your phone via a prepaid card when you leave Verizon, join T-Mobile ONE™, and get PDP Plus” T-Mobile’s website says about the offer.

The offer is valid for iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone SE, Google Pixel, and Google Pixel XL.

The phones should be in a good working condition and must not be damaged. Also, Verizon customers must have their Verizon account details handy when they go to take advantage of the offer.

The offer can easily be redeemed through any nearby T-Mobile store.

The company will also provide early termination fee to the converting customers. However, the offer is valid only for Verizon customers that are have been using the network for more than 60 days. Along with the offer, the carrier needs the customers to commit to the $15 monthly plan for device protection, which can later be canceled.

With this, the entire offer creates a great margin for T-Mobile, making it sound quite profitable to the company.

The offer, by the growing mobile and non-residential home telephone service provider, is seen as one of the best promotional offers by a telecommunication carrier and it has created quite a buzz in the market.

The Catch

The promotional offer is a great win for both the customer and the company. For T-Mobile, it can turn out to be a goldmine as it is targeting the high-value customers that are already using the high-priced mobile phones – iPhone and Google Pixel.

This clearly shows that T-Mobile is expanding its customer base of affordable telephone service to the customers who can afford its expensive mobile plans.

These customers are said to be the ones with a high Average Revenue per User (ARPU).

In a Nutshell

T-Mobile has been creating waves for Verizon for a long time now. We have seen in previous scenarios that the growing mobile and non-residential home telephone service provider has brought Verizon a lot of loss.

With yet another breaking offer, T-Mobile probably has woken up Verizon officials who are bound to put their thinking caps on now and come with a better offer. If Verizon doesn’t snap into action soon, it might lose a number of its high-value customers.

However, we’re yet to see how the offer works for T-Mobile. So, let’s just wait and see!

Verizon Introduces the New $80 Unlimited Plan for Prepaid Customers

verizon prepaid

The war of unlimited plans among the wireless telecommunication giants isn’t really coming to a halt. Things are getting more competitive by the day. To take a leap ahead in the competition, Verizon announced yet another unlimited plan for its prepaid customers.

Recently, the prepaid home phone service provider Verizon faced a setback after losing a considerable number of its postpaid wireless customers. Thus, with this plan, the telecom behemoth is possibly trying to gain back the ground it lost.

The Unlimited Plan

The plan, announced on the 25th of April allows the prepaid customers of Verizon to get unlimited talk, data, and text services at the price of $80 for a month, across the United States.

The highlight that the cheap local phone service provider gave to this unlimited plan is that customers can get unlimited text messaging to over 200 countries. Also, the customers can have unlimited voice service to talk to their contacts in Canada and Mexico as well.

The unlimited plan, however, comes with a number of drawbacks. For instance – no high-quality video streaming (limited to 480p), and no mobile hotspot or tethering. Besides, the customers are given assurance of data prioritization over the other customers during times of data congestion.

The Idea behind It

Amidst the fierce competition being faced by Verizon with the prevailing unlimited plan wars, it is struggling hard to retain its wireless customers. For years, Verizon didn’t have much luck with its prepaid home phone service as it didn’t have many prepaid customers.

To come out strong in its prepaid game as well, Verizon introduced this plan, just 2 months after introducing its postpaid unlimited plan.

Within a few months, Verizon has actually transformed its mobile and prepaid home phone service with a no long-term contract and no credit check policy for its prepaid customer.

Tami Erwin, the executive vice president of Verizon operations said, “In just months, Verizon has transformed its prepaid offerings to make it easier and more affordable for customers to get access to the best network at a great value, no matter how much data they need,”

“This plan is all about giving our prepaid customers more choice. With data plans from as little as 2 GB to unlimited data, we’ve got a plan that fits your needs”, she added.

According to the huge cheap local phone service and mobile service provider, its customers deserved more choices. With this plan, Verizon’s prepaid customers can now choose among a number of choices of data plans.

The Bottom Line

There is cut-throat competition prevailing in the telecommunications world. With smaller services providers like Sprint and T-Mobile doing great in the market, the threat to bigger companies like Verizon and AT&T has increased significantly.

Just after the news that Verizon lost close to 307,000 customers broke in the market, the mobile and prepaid home phone service provider snapped into action with the said unlimited plan. Though the plan has its limitations, it can possibly be Verizon’s opportunity to win its customers back!

Verizon: Losing Wireless Subscribers for the Very First Time

Verizon Wireless

The telecommunication giant that was once the US’s number one mobile and cheap residential phone service provider, is facing trouble in its paradise. For the very first time, the top US wireless carrier has faced a terrible fall in its profits and has lost a significant amount of its wireless customers.

Let’s have a closer look at the matter.

Verizon Loses Wireless Customers in the First Quarter of 2017

The loss of the subscribers being faced by Verizon in the first quarter of 2017 has been posted by the wireless carrier, showing how its rivals have impacted its growth.

The mobile and wireless landline telephone service provider had been facing this swell of competition from the telecommunication rivals like T-Mobile and Sprint. And amidst the competition and price wars, Verizon reintroduced its Unlimited Data Plan in the month of February.

Previously, the unlimited data plan by Verizon was stopped in the 2011 but, seeing a rapid fall in their mobile and wireless subscribers, the company chose to bring it back.

Apparently, that wasn’t enough, leading Verizon to lose a total of around 307,000 postpaid subscribers for its retail wireless services. All of this, just in the first three months of the year.

The turn of events for the biggest mobile and cheap residential phone service provider is proving to be a setback. And the statement is backed by the fact that the Verizon stock was 1.5% lower on Thursday.

For Verizon, losing subscribers on a quarterly basis is not a new scenario as the telecom industry leader has always been known to report finacial growth, regardless of the loss of subscribers. But the number of lost wireless subscribers this time is quite big!

The Impact of Competitors

Such a huge loss of customers is being faced by the leading wireless landline telephone service provider because of the shift of its subscribers to its rivals.

As per the latest earnings report, the Verizon subscribers have been fleeing to its competing companies – T-Mobile and Sprint.

The demand for new wireless service is already quite low in the market as most people have mobile phones now. Thus, there is less opportunity for the cheap residential phone service providers to make profit on bringing new subscribers into the market.

Also, with the previously raging ‘Unlimited Data Plan’ war among the competing telecommunication companies, the service providers had to give unlimited wireless services, including data.

With the unlimited plans, the wireless landline telephone service providers cannot generate any fees for overages of data as was the case with the non-unlimited plans. Thus, there is less revenue generated through these plans.

To top it, the small competitors of the telecom behemoths like Verizon often offer cheaper plans to subscribers which usually lures them to switch.

All these events took a great toll on Verizon’s profits and subscribers.

Final Thoughts

Verizon, a leqading mobile and landline telephone service provider is going through a rough patch! But the company is surely not going to sit back and will come up with new plans, offers, and pricing to bring their subscribers back!

Stating to the matter, Matt Ellis, the Chief Financial Officer of Verizon said, “We’re confident in executing our strategy organically, but if there’s the right opportunity out there to accelerate the strategy inorganically in a way that adds shareholder value, we’re always looking at those opportunities”

So, let’s hope for the best from Verizon!

Verizon Blamed For Launching Spyware for Its Customers

Verizon Spyware

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the AppFlash service offered by Verizon is considered to be ‘spyware’! The news held momentum just after the move that Congress made towards the prepaid phone service and mobile internet providers. Congress clarified the ways for these telecommunication companies to sell the web browsing history of their users.

In a blog post published on 30th March 2017, EFF represented Verizon’s intention on introducing the AppFlash application as a way to sell the private data of their customers. Let’s have a close look at the matter.

AppFlash and its Privacy Policy

Verizon is known as a telecommunication behemoth, providing affordable telephone service and mobile network services for years.

The company recently introduced AppFlash, a mobile platform that helps the users have easy access to search options and apps. The users can easily look for a movie, restaurant, app recommendations, and music on their mobile phones, using the AppFlash.

AppFlash uses the privacy policy of the prepaid phone service provider, and the app-specific privacy practices.

In the AppFlash Privacy Policy, Verizon stated, “We collect information about your device and your use of the AppFlash services. This information includes your mobile number, device identifiers, device type and operating system, and information about the AppFlash features and services you use and your interactions with them.  We also access information about the list of apps you have on your device.”

“Information we collect is used to deliver, maintain and support AppFlash services; enhance application features; customize and personalize your experiences including the advertisements you see; and provide social network interactions. Location information enhances your AppFlash experience, by, for example, providing nearby restaurant and movie options. Contact information stored on your device is used to facilitate calls you initiate from within the AppFlash experience”, the mobile prepaid phone service provider mentioned, talking about the usage of the information collected through the app.

What EFF Has To Say

According to EFF, the spyware (term used for the AppFlash) is used by Verizon, the internet and cheap phone service provider, to sell more adds to the customers through their internet service. And this is done by utilizing the information related to the apps you’ve downloaded, the bank you’re using, etc.

EFF had clearly defined the use of AppFlash by Verizon as the internet service provider’s great willingness to jeopardize the privacy and security of its customers “by installing spyware on end devices”.

According to EFF, within 48 hours of Congress’s move on the monetization of private data of the internet users, the telecommunication companies have started with the installation of spyware on their customer’s devices. Verizon’s announcement of the AppFlash launcher brought it into clear light that the mobile and affordable telephone service provider, is up to selling the private information of its customers too.

The Current Situation

The blog post published by EFF was taken down with an update. The organization retracted the blog post after receiving information from Verizon on their privacy policy with AppFlash. The organization will be investigating further to have a closer look into the matter.

Thus, with a clear statement from Verizon, things have been put on a hold by EFF for a while now, giving the renowned prepaid phone service a chance to save its reputation.

Verizon Acquires Portland’s Skyward to Expand Its Horizons in Telecommunications

Verizon Skyward Acquisition

With its plan to acquire Yahoo, Verizon has been in the headlines for quite a while now.

The telecommunication giant has turned out to be well-read about the technological changes being introduced in the telecommunications industry. Therefore, the spectrum of Verizon Communications Inc. is bound to be broadened beyond wireless and home telephone service.

This has been proven with another acquisition by Verizon, of a Portland-based drone company – Skyward.

This is one of the many steps that Verizon is taking towards transforming the landscape of telecommunications.

With the acquisition of Skyward, Verizon has quantified that it is looking forward to expanding its horizons in telecommunications. This would be done by including Skyward’s drone and IoT expertise with Verizon’s wireless, home phone, and prepaid phone service.

Though the company has been involved in the provision of such services before, this acquisition can be a complete game changer!

A Little About Skyward

Skyward, based in Portland, Oregon, is a leading private drone companies. The company was founded in 2012 and is known to provide commercial drone management software solutions to construction and film production businesses.

With their software programs, Skyward helps businesses in operations and project management. With these programs, companies can connect all project-related people and equipment together, to enable a smooth workflow.

“Drones are becoming an essential tool for improving business processes for large companies, but scalability has been a challenge”, said MR. Jonathan Evans, the founder and CEO of Skyward.

For a fact, a lot of businesses have been adopting revolutionary drone management solutions for carrying out a smoother work pattern. And for telecommunication services who already have a huge business-class customer base, it would be a gold mine to include these services within its spectrum.

“Skyward’s drone operations management platform combined with Verizon’s network, reliability, scalability and expertise in delivering enterprise solutions will allow organizations to efficiently and safely scale drones across multiple divisions and hundreds of use cases”, Jonathan said, referring to the acquisition.

Verizon’s Vision

The vision of Verizon behind this acquisition is to expand its services beyond its home phone, wireless, and prepaid phone service. The telecommunication behemoth is looking forward to spreading its wings in telecommunications sector, with drone management and IoT.

“Last quarter we announced our strategy to drive innovation and widespread adoption for in-flight wireless connectivity through our Airborne LTE Operations (ALO) initiative, a new service to simplify certification and connectivity of wireless drones”, stated Mike Lanman, the senior vice president of Enterprise Products and IoT at Verizon, in a press release.

“This acquisition is a natural progression of our core focus on operating in innovative, high-growth markets, leveraging our network, scalability, fleet management, device management, data analytics and security enablement capabilities and services to simplify the drone industry and help support the adoption of IoT”, he added.

Therefore, with Skywards drone management services, Verizon is going to provide top-notch drone management solutions that can handle various activities in various business industries. Thus, broadening its area of service in telecommunications.

Not only this, Verizon has been consistently making headlines with its continuous efforts towards expansion and future-proofing.

By providing various new offers for its prepaid phone service and home telephone service, Verizon is also giving a tough time to its telecommunication competitors.

A recent example is the unlimited data plan that Verizon introduced as an answer to it’s competitors.

The Bottom Line

With this acquisition, Verizon can have a better space in the IoT sector. Skyward’s services in the domain of drone management has been marvelous. Therefore, the company’s products are best suited to Verizon’s huge name in telecommunications industry.

With this smart blend of high-quality products, cutting-edge technology, and competent personnel, Verizon is going to strike it rich in the domain of drone management and IoT sector, while still being one of the best prepaid phone service providers in the United States.

Reports Say Verizon Is Interested In a Merger with Charter Communications

verizon communication

There is a buzz going on in the world of telecommunications and we’re yet to see if it’s true or not! According to a report given out by the Wall Street Journal, the telecom giant Verizon is looking forward to a merger with Charter Communications.  While there is a great speculation made in this regard, another report from Reuters stated that nothing of that sort has been mentioned by both the companies.

No official announcements have been made, by the way and so, the benefit that both the companies can attain with this merger can only be assumed!

Let’s Have a Peek at the History

Over many years, Verizon and its subsidiary, Verizon Wireless have expanded their services by way of a number of mergers and their exclusive services. Verizon is known to be one of the best local phone service providers in the US. With its lifeline and cheap home phone service, this telecom behemoth has gained a huge customer base and is still expanding!

While on the other hand, Charter Communications is a cable telecommunications company that has been serving over 25 million household and business consumers. The huge company is known to be the second-largest cable operator and fifth-largest telephone and local phone service provider.

For over years, both these giants have endeavoured to achieve a high point at being one of the best cheap home phone service providers.

What’s To Gain?

“Buying Charter would take Verizon down a different path from rivals Comcast Corp. and AT&T, who have bet big on combining content and distribution — Comcast, through its ownership of NBCUniversal, and AT&T with its pending acquisition of Time Warner Inc.,” says the report from the Wall Street Journal.

With this merger, Verizon is going to double its extensive user base as its powerful network of distribution is going to get much better and stronger.

Through a merger with Verizon, Charter Communications can explore new opportunities of expansion by joining the former company’s superior low income and lifeline phone service.

Also, with this merger, both these telecom titans can share a huge user base!

What they’re up to

As of now, Verizon is in the process of taking over Yahoo’s digital media arm for a worth of $4.83 billion. Although the news has included a little bit of guesswork, but with this deal, Verizon is going to expand its boundaries to a great extent! So, along with being a marvel in the low income phone service, the company will get better in the mobile network.

In May 2016, Charter Communication has expanded its horizons more through the merger with Time Warner Cable and also gave its final touches to acquiring Bright House Networks during the same time.

The Final Stamp

The Verizon-Charter merger is still in the rumor mill as both parties have not made any official announcements in this regard!

If there is any official statement out about this merger, both the companies will first have to seek the approval of the U.S. regulators.

Verizon Wireless Increases the Upgrade Fee From $20 to $30

Verizon Wireless

The wind does not seem to be flowing in favor of Verizon Wireless phone service users. Customers hoping to ditch their old phone and switch to a new one at Verizon Wireless must get ready to pay a $30 upgrade fee instead of $20.

According to Fierce Wireless, one of the leading telecom news provider, the phone service provider has confirmed the news on its official website.

The Price of Upgrades is not in favor of Verizon Wireless Customers

This is not a good news for users planning to upgrade to a new device at Verizon Wireless soon. In addition to this, the phone service provider has also decided to scrap the two-year-service-contract as well as subsidies for devices to its existing customers.

Verizon Wireless has a Reason to Do So:

According to Verizon Wireless insiders, the company’s cost for providing phone/device services has increased significantly. Moreover, such fees are a way for phone service providers to cover increased cost related to delivering the largest and fastest 4G LTE services in the United States.  This is further confirmed through the total decreased capital expenditure of Verizon Wireless during the third quarter of 2016.

Verizon Wireless’s Definition of Increased Cost:

When enquired about the meaning of the increased cost, the company insiders defined it as an ongoing cost for the purpose of maintaining and enhancing the network. They did not say anything else in this regard.

Fran Shammo Says…

According to Mr. Fran Shammo, CFO at Verizon Wireless, the company is spending CapEX around wireless for LTE densification.  This is for the purpose of covering the increase in the use of streaming videos. “We see that continuing to increase, so we are really preparing for two years out from where our usage is today so we are densifying the network,” says he. He further added that the company has also launched LTE Advanced service for over 90% of local phone service users in the United States and is also getting ready in advance for 5G technology.

What Actually does this Increase Mean for Customers?   

All Verizon Wireless local phone service users will have to pay this $30 upgrade fee every time they wish to upgrade to a new phone on an existing line of service. This upgrade fee does not have anything to do with the activation fee. It is totally separate from the activation fee charged to customers. This activation fee will specifically be applicable to local phone service users buying phones at retail price or using the device payment program of Verizon Wireless. This upgrade fee will be refunded to local phone service users of Verizon Wireless returning their device within the 14 day period from the actual date of purchase.

At last:

The increase in the upgrade fee and scrapping of the two-year-service-contracts have come at a time when most of the wireless service providers are giving up those plans in favor of EIPs. Now it will be very interesting to see the reaction of Verizon Wireless’s existing/potential customers in this regard.

Keep coming back for further updates in this regard from Verizon Wireless.