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The Era of Smart Landlines Is Here

new era of landline

The era has finally arrived when landlines too are catching pace with the demanding challenges in the world of telecom. It’s no longer a piece of news that American households who preferred landlines to the new age cellphones have gradually begun to change their minds. They are now increasingly considering switching to the newer versions of our traditional home phones. These new phones are, in a way, adaptations of smartphones that are ruling the world today with their kitty of unique features. Some households are even combining their home phone and mobile phone into a single smart device.

Many of us are aware of the Android-powered home phone which was released by Panasonic about a year and a half back. With such a breakthrough in the way landlines were used and perceived, this amazing transition from the old to the new swept the masses off their feet. The new android based landline phone has many of the features of a smart mobile phone such as internet connection, vivid applications and so forth. It also gives the user the choice of calling from either a mobile or landline device. When the user is away from home, they can use the device as a mobile 3G/GSM device and on returning home, they have the option of using either the mobile or the landline system to make calls. This smart home phone also displays any calls or messages the user might have missed while they were away. Following the same route, various other companies have released their own editions of smart landline phones owing to the popularity this concept has gained.

Landlines have been at the helm of electronic communication for many years. However, with the advent of cell phones, people began mobilizing to the wireless medium of communication – breaking it off with landline technology. Why, then, are phone manufacturers continuing to make new and innovative developments in home phone technology? That is because the smart landline phone offers very useful features. When you’re at home with your Android home phone, you can make a choice between the most affordable means of making a call—landline or mobile—without having to handle a separate device for your choice. The smart landline phone is also more portable, which prevents the chaotic search for the phone around the house when it starts buzzing.

Thanks to the latest technology offered by the telecom world, that old school landline is no longer viewed as an obsolete device with needless cords and wires. These new smart home phones are giving the technology a dramatic boost in popularity. Whether the renewed version of the landline will be able to change the minds of people and claim its place back into their homes is something we will have to wait and see. But this fresh and unique technological progress has certainly been very well received.