Residential Phones are Here to Stay

Residential Phones

The need to be available most of the time for any kind of communication (official or personal) has led us to remain equipped with a phone connection at all times. While a lot of us feel comfortable and satisfied using the new age gadgets known as cellphones, many have started to question the requirement of the existing landlines at our homes. But we need to check if it is time yet, to bid adieu to our age old residential phones.

Residential phones have stayed with us for many years now; they are tried and tested. While we move ahead embracing newer technologies, we know certain things about landlines that no one can replace.

  • Unparalleled reliability: We are all familiar with the problem of an important call getting dropped, mid-sentence, due to a poor cellphone signal. Home phones do not leave you talking to yourself like that because they do not rely on a wireless connection. The clarity is irreplaceable and connectivity is always unquestionable with landlines.
  • Local help and tracking: If a call is made from a residential phone to an emergency service, the dispatch centers can find the exact address where landline calls originated. The problem seems small on the surface but actually is not. In situations where someone needs assistance because they are having a medical emergency in their apartment, even if the dispatch center nails their cellphone’s location, it won’t make out which floor the patient was calling from, much less which apartment.
  • No charging required: You know your mobile handset needs charging but you might not get the opportunity to do so and, your device ditches you right when you need it the most. The reason is lack of time in our hectic schedules, or availability of a power source. No matter how dear we hold our cellphones as a staple in our bags, pockets, and purses, the fact remains that they aren’t necessarily ready to take the responsibility of being our sole means of communication.

So, if you’re seriously entertaining the idea of going solely mobile, remember that you may be giving up something that isn’t just a redundant phone.

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