AT&T To Launch Its First Tablet to Deliver Non-Stop Entertainment

AT&T Tablet


AT&T, the second-largest phone service provider in the US is now promising complete entertainment to its users. And this time, the company has done so with the announcement of its very first tablet – the AT&T Primetime.

The Announcement

The announcement by AT&T says that the Primetime tablet is going to be launched on 25th August 2017, which is on Friday. Thus, as per the prepaid local phone service provider, customers are going to get access to non-stop entertainment, quite soon!

The tablet and its related offers are available for both business and consumer customers of the giant phone service provider.

AT&T Primetime is available at offers that can be had for $10 a month for 20 months along with the AT&T Installment Plan or customers can also get it by paying $29.99 with a contract of 2 years.

The best feature of the tablet is considered to be its TV Mode that allows users to turn their tablet into a portable TV with video apps like DIRECTV.

With such innovations being introduced by the phone service provider, it is quite evident that the telecom giant has moved ahead in the race with its usual competitors providing mobile and home phone services. The company has been very innovative in introducing new services and technologies that give the best customer experience.

This is the reason why AT&T has still maintained its name in the US telecom market.

Here are some of the prominent features of the AT&T Primetime Tablet:

  • Display: 10-inch full HD display for better experience while watching videos, movies, photos, etc.
  • The all-new TV Mode feature to let the user’s access their favorite video apps like DIRECTV with just one swipe, and enjoy their own portable TV.
  • Battery: The tablet comes with a battery of 9070 mAh that allows users to surf the internet, listen to music, watch videos, or surf the internet through Wi-Fi for about 11 hours.
  • With Dual Bluetooth Audio Streams, the Primetime tablet becomes one of the best gadgets for traveling. This is because the tablet can play media through 2 Bluetooth headsets or speakers.
  • 5 MP primary and secondary cameras.

The tablet, introduced by the giant prepaid local phone service provider, offers the best experience even for the enterprise users.

Thus, the Primetime tablet by AT&T can be your complete package to entertainment and is best suited for every kind of customer.

In A Nutshell

With the launch of the new tablet, AT&T is surely going to expand its horizons. The launch of Primetime can be a game changer for the giant phone service provider with the feature of the TV Mode.

For people looking for a high-quality tablet with some good features, the Primetime tablet can be one of the best picks.

However, due to the lack of some features, many users might turn it down. Thus, it is still to be seen what response the tablet gets after the launch.

Verizon Smart Rewards Program Ending Soon

Verizon Wireless

According to the new buzz going on in the world of telecommunication, Verizon is ending its age-old Smart Rewards program, replacing it with a new one!

Customers that have been using the local phone service provided by Verizon must be well aware of its Smart Rewards program which is going to end soon. In place of this program, the telecom giant has introduced a new program called “Verizon Up”.

The Change of Reward Programs by Verizon

The plan has been utilized by Verizon customers for a long time now and it’s finally time to say goodbye to the reward plan.

As per the plan, customers could collect rewards and use them up through daily deals on vacations, merchandise, and more!

However, with a new rewards program, the cheap phone service provider is putting an end to the Smart Rewards program, and the process has started from 1st August.

From the said date, customers now cannot earn more points under the plan and the accumulated points or rewards can be used up till October 31st.

In this regard, Verizon – the leading local phone service provider in the US – seems to have a plan.

The telecom behemoth says that until the time when the Smart Rewards program is bound to end, that is until 31st October, it is going to introduce some sweepstakes and offers so that the points can be utilized well.

Though it has been seen that the Smart Rewards program by Verizon has never been much liked by customers of its local phone service. The reason behind this is that the offers, sweepstakes, and discounts offered under the program weren’t very beneficial for customers.

Even after collecting a good amount of points, they still had to pay for the merchandise, offers, etc. So, as per most Verizon customers, the Smart Rewards didn’t bring much to them by the cheap phone service provider.

Starting from November 1st, Verizon is introducing the all new rewards program called Verizon Up. The plan is targeted towards offers including concerts, movie tickets, brand new phones, game tickets, and much more!

As per the announcement of the new reward program made by the giant local phone service provider, the program features stores and sellers like Uber, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Nike, JetBlue, and more!

It is to be seen whether the new plan is going to take over the old one by Verizon and we’ll get to know more about this on November 1st.

In A Nutshell

The buzz about the new reward program by Verizon has been in telecom markets for a long time now. However, as the ending date of the old Smart Rewards program is inching closer, things are getting more hyped.

Customers with accumulated points are looking for ways to spend their points and earn their benefits from them and Verizon seems to be a helping hand in this matter.

However, we still have to see if the customers get a genuine chance and opportunity to spend their points and get genuine benefits or not.

T-Mobile’s Another Game Changer: The New ONE Unlimited 55+ Plan


T-Mobile is said to be responsible for eating up a whole chunk of subscribers from the leading mobile and local phone service providers like Verizon and AT&T. The reason behind this is seen to be T-Mobile’s innovative approach to reach new customers.

A recent example for this is seen with the new ONE Unlimited 55+ plan introduced by T-Mobile. And, we’re considering this to be a game changer!

The new plan by T-Mobile has been introduced for American citizens aged 55 or above. As per the giant prepaid phone service provider, the generation lying in the age group of 55+ has been that of the rule breakers. And since the inception of mobile phones, these people have not been provided with the mobile services that they’ve always deserved.

So, dragging almost every other leading mobile and local phone service provider into the matter, T-Mobile has given some great insights on why their plan is better.

T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ Plan

For just $60 (including fees and taxes), the plan launches for T-Mobile’s wireless services, starting 9th August. The plan includes unlimited texting, talk, 4G LTE data, and many other benefits from the T-Mobile ONE plan. The $60 unlimited plan is available with Autopay.

As per T-Mobile, the plan is one of the best deals offered by the third largest prepaid phone service provider of the US.

For the plan, the subscribers have to pay $50 for the first line of the T-Mobile ONE and for the second line, then $10 is to be paid to get unlimited benefits. The $5 discount is for the Autopay usage by the subscribers. Along with this, the subscribers of this plan offered by the giant prepaid phone service provider are going to get the T-Mobile ONE benefits that include Gogo Inflight, Simple Global, DIGITS, Mobile Without Borders, and more!

For buying the plan, subscribers will have to show their IDs for age confirmation.

With all these features, T-Mobile claims this plan to be the best for the generation that created the mobile technology.

The announcement of the plan drew forth a great deal of criticism that T-Mobile had for other giant mobile and local phone service providers, especially Verizon and AT&T – the duopoly!

John Legere, the president and CEO of T-Mobile, said, “For years, the carriers have been patronizing the generation that invented wireless. They thank these mobile pioneers by selling dumbed down ‘senior’ plans with exactly zero data and — get this — night and weekend minutes! That’s not just idiotic — it’s insulting!”

“Today, the Un-carrier ends this ridiculousness with T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ — an offer that recognizes how Boomers and beyond actually use their smartphones”, he added.

In a Nutshell

The new unlimited plan for the seniors by T-Mobile is clearly the prepaid phone service provider’s next move towards attracting the subscribers of other giant carriers. And for this, the company has aimed at just the right spot.

Targeting seniors by talking in their benefit and providing them with a bunch of cheap and convenient plans can actually work out for T-Mobile. Besides, in recent times, the company is playing very smart, crawling its way to the top three US-based mobile carriers. So, this could possibly work out too!

Sources Say Sprint Is Looking For Alternatives on Merger Deal

Sprint Mobile

In an attempt to seek alternatives for the merger deal with T-Mobile, Sprint has proposed a deal to Charter Communications Inc.

According to sources, talks about the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, the third and fourth largest mobile and cheap phone service providers, respectively, have been going on for a long time.

Since the merger deal isn’t coming to a conclusion, Sprint is on a lookout for alternative companies that it can tie up with.

The Proposal

The reports from leading publishers say that the proposal wasn’t about an entire merger, but for a minority stake.

As the news about the T-Mobile and Sprint merger has been making rounds for a long time, this move of the well-known low-income phone service provider has put a question mark on the talks.

It is evident now that Sprint wants to try its luck with the other renowned names before getting into a merger with T-Mobile.

However, it has been reported that Charter Communications has refused the deal proposed by Sprint.

The proposal was made by Japan’s Softbank Group Corp that has control over Sprint. The company proposed to run a whole new company that would still be controlled by Softbank but asked Charter Communications for a merger.

The deal proposed by the mobile and cheap phone service provider is said to be quite complex and so, Charter had to refuse it. Sprint has proposed to sell a minority stake to ISPs and provide access to its network in return.

The agreement evidently didn’t seem quite convincing to Charter. However, another reason behind Charter’s refusal can be the agreement between Charter and Comcast that was signed around the month of May.

As per the agreement, no one from either company can land a deal or agreement without each other’s permission. So, even if Charter had to agree to land the deal with Sprint, it would need the nod from Comcast.

With all this, it has been proven that Sprint is seeking alternatives for a merger deal. Besides the hot talks of a merger with T-Mobile, the low-income phone service provider is still seeking other companies for merger deals.

The sources from Sprint clarified that the deal proposed by the company to Charter doesn’t mean that it isn’t willing to merge with T-Mobile. It can be said that the company is trying to expand its horizons and services so as to survive in the competitive wireless market.

As we know, the talks for the T-Mobile-Sprint merger have been going on for quite some time now, and T-Mobile doesn’t seem to be in a rush for merger. Besides, the deal of the merger of both the cheap phone service providers has been pending legal approval.

In A Nutshell

With the talks of deals going on with the cable and telecom giants, Sprint has been in the news for a long time now. Now, it is to be seen whether these talks generate something fruitful for the mobile and low-income phone service provider or not.