Charleston Area Administrative Bigwigs Welcome AT&T’s Ultra-Fast Internet Service Expansion

AT&T’s Ultra-Fast Internet Service Expansion


Good News:

There is a good news for AT&T South Carolina Phone Service Subscribers.  The company has recently launched ultra-fast internet services in some parts of the Charleston area. The one Gigabyte connection is available for Charleston area houses, apartments and a number of locations known for small businesses on a 100% fiber network.  AT&T’s plans to expand access to super fast internet to a number of locations in Goose Creek and North Charleston are in progress. The company has selected the Charleston area from one of its selected 44 metros across the USA. AT&T’s super fast internet service is currently available for its customers in all of these 44 nationwide metros.

Mr. John Mitchell Has Something to Say in This Regard

The number of customers interacting with their connections through increasingly data intensive ways is going up by each day, says Mr. John Mitchell, Regional Director of External Affairs at AT&T’s South Carolina office. AT&T’s South Carolina phone service users are beginning to stream content directly from the comfort of their devices. They are enjoying interactions with their personal and professional connections using live videos. Taking this into account, the company has chosen the Charleston Area for its super fast internet service.

Mr. John Tecklenburg was Excited

We are super excited at AT&T’s decision to expand its ultra-fast internet speed service to the Charleston area. This is very good news for the local business community of Charleston, said Mr. John Tecklenburg, Mayor of Charleston. He further added that the expansion of AT&T’s ultra-fast internet services in Charleston will be a solid platform for our local businesses to seek the much needed ultra-modern technology for success in 21st century economy.

Linda Page echoed the Views of Mr. John Tecklenburg and Mr. John Mitchell:

Expansion of AT&T’s super fast internet service will definitely ensure a significant increase in the number of economic opportunities for the growth of our small local businesses and home phone service users in South Carolina, said Linda Page, The Mayor of Mt. Pleasant. More importantly, this decision taken by the company will play a huge role in order to ensure the delivery of high speed internet services in rural areas across South Carolina.  She further added that the use of the latest technology will help drive a lot of technical innovation and Job creation on every front.

This seems to be one of the best technical initiatives taken by the company for ensuring ultra-fast internet services for home phone service subscribers in the South Carolina, Charleston area. All the internet customers on 100% fiber will have full access to the latest Wi-Fi technology. This will help them relish faster Wi-Fi speed as well as broad coverage of everything from the comfort of their home, says AT&T.


All of the Charleston Area administrative big-wigs have welcomed this decision of AT&T wholeheartedly. The service has been launched by the company in the Charleston area, South Carolina. Now it will be very interesting to see which way the expansion progresses.

AT&T Plans to Expand Superfast Internet Services in Michigan City, Indiana

AT&T Faster Internet Services

Good News from AT&T

Nowadays, AT&T is doing a lot of positive things for its customers. Now AT&T has expanded its internet access for its Indiana phone service customers in Michigan City. The company is currently serving almost 44 metropolitan areas in the United States and plans to increase this number up to 67 markets in the time to come.

Take a look at the offer

AT&T is specifically offering internet connections of 1 Gigabit to residential areas of the Michigan City area and apartments. Small businesses are also on their radar. The company will serve them on its fiber network specifically powered by AT&T Fiber.

The Service is Already Available in Many Areas

AT&T Indiana phone service customers living in some of the areas mentioned below are already getting this service:

  • Hammond
  • Munster
  • Crown Point
  • John

The think tank of AT&T is also thinking about providing this service in the areas of Merrillville.

This was the Reaction

Like all good or bad news, this one also received a lot of reaction from every corner of the country. AT&T’s 100 percent fiber network to serve its local phone service Indiana customers will be a stepping stone in the direction of growing our economy as well as improving the quality of life in Michigan City, Indiana. Additionally, access to super fast internet will certainly be a great help for:

  • Creating new opportunities for jobs
  • Improve and increase the chances of access to better education
  • The growth of small businesses

All this was said by Mr. Ron Meer, The Mayor of Michigan City, Indiana, through a news release.

This is What AT&T Officials Think About it

The company has specifically taken its local phone service to Indiana customers into consideration through this service. It seems to be a strategic move of AT&T to outpace its market competitors. Coming back to the point, AT&T officials had their own say in this regard. According to Mr. Bill Boards, The President of AT&T, Indiana, all of the Indiana phone service customers of AT&T interact with their connections using more data intensive ways. And this number is increasing day-by-day.

More importantly, most of the customers nowadays like to stream content directly using their devices. They are using live videos as a preferred medium of interaction with their friends and families. This is why AT&T has decided to introduce its superfast internet services for its local phone service to Indiana customers residing in Michigan City. Mr. Bill Boards, The President of AT&T Indiana, said all this through a news release.

For More Information

You can get more information in this regard on AT&T Fiber. If you are searching for an apartment or a condo on a 100 percent fiber network, then you should go to the AT&T company website for more information.

Moral of the Story

This is certainly a big decision taken by AT&T on the strategic front to outpace the growth of its market competitors. However, this is just a beginning and it is too early to say if it’s a profitable move. In simple words, it is too early to predict the success or failure of this decision taken by AT&T to serve its phone service customers in Michigan City, Indiana. Only over time will we know what will happen because the introduction of AT&T superfast internet service in some part of Merrillville also depends on its success in Michigan City, Indiana to a large extent.

Verizon Introduces Two New Prepaid Plans with a Lot of Data for Its Customers

verizone wireless prepaid phone service


It is a Very Good News for Verizon Wireless Customers:

Instalment plans and bolstered prepaid phone services are turning out to be two major trends in the United States. Typically, the United States has always been the contract centred in terms of phone plans or services. However, the winds of change have started to blow. GSM network carriers could be credited for such a change.

Verizon Wireless is Following the Footprint of AT&T:

AT&T has been trying hard to promote its prepaid plans for the period of more than two long years. This seriously turned out to be fantastic news for someone who is always on the go or spends a few months in the United States and a few in another country.

Seeing AT&T’s considerable success, Verizon Wireless has decided to do something very similar for its customers.

Verizon Wireless Adds Two New Prepaid Plans:

Currently, the company is offering 3GB of data at the cost of $45 and 6 GB data at the cost of $60. Unlimited talk and text are its vital features. The company has decided to launch two new prepaid plans for its customers beginning the 13th of November.

What is the Deal?

The announcement of the two plans seems to be a strategic move by the company for seeking some growth in the wireless sector. According to the plans, all of the Verizon Wireless customers opting for $50 plan will get 5 GB of data. As for customers opting for $70 plan, they are likely to get almost 10GB data.

For Your Information:

It is important to note that, on these plans, your unused data does get roll over. Any customer who opts for the $70 prepaid phone service will get unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada.

Know Verizon Wireless’s Purpose:

In addition to the growth in the wireless sector, Verizon Wireless is adding these two new plans to its prepaid arsenal with the purpose mentioned below:

  1. Verizon Wireless intends to remind you that these prepaid plans are fully compatible with the latest smartphones like the Google Pixel as well as Lenovo Moto Z. Both of these smartphones are offered by the carrier.
  2. Prepaid phone service might just be the best way to go for anyone who travels a lot and also wants to save money.

Summary of the Story:

This is certainly great news for Verizon Wireless customers. They can save some money very easily. This could also be their way to get rid of those terribly high bills. Taking Verizon Wireless’s growth in the wireless sector into consideration, it is clearly a strategic move to seek new growth by the company. As AT&T, another major carrier in US, has announced the availability of such prepaid phone services just a few days ago, Verizon Wireless has got some serious competition to deal with. Therefore, it is not going to be easy for the company to seek new growth in the wireless sector. The competition is getting fierce. It will be very interesting to see whether Verizon Wireless can get some profit and new customers with this new offering or not.

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Bring Your Pixel and Pixel XL to T-Mobile and Get Reimbursement of up to $325

Google Pixel, Pixel XL


Cellphone users can get Google’s new Pixel only at Google Stores, Verizon Wireless, or Best Buy. So, it got T-Mobile thinking about how they could get a piece of the business from those interested in this fantastic new smartphone. Well, if you are interested in the Google Pixel, don’t count out T-Mobile as your carrier. The company has announced a discount for Local cellphone service subscribers for bringing the handset over to their network to sign-up for a T-Mobile One plan.

Here is the Deal:

Have you already bought Google’s Pixel or Pixel XL phone? If yes, you simply need to switch your carrier to T-Mobile and sign-up for a T-Mobile One plan. In this way, the company will reimburse you the amount of $325 over the next two years.

What If Any Customer Owns the Regular Pixel with 32GB Storage?

If anyone is planning to buy a regular Pixel phone offering 32 GB storage, then the reimbursement would be somewhere around half the cost of the phone. If it is broken out monthly, it would be the amount of $13.55 in credit every month to your bill for the period of the next two consecutive years.

What’s the catch?

Wait! It is not an overnight process. If you want to bring your Pixel to T-Mobile’s network then you must run your proof of purchase through the validation site of T-Mobile. Once the validation and signup process are completed successfully, then you will get the amount of $13.55 credited to your monthly bill for the next two years.

What about the Existing Customers?

The T-Mobile promo launched in this regard does not say that you must be a new local cellphone service subscriber for availing this offer. All of the existing customers simply need to own the Pixel or Pixel XL phone of Google and sign-up on the T-Mobile One plan.  This has been further confirmed by the tweet from T-Mobile’s Chief Executive officer, Mr. John Legere, that said “Current customers can get the deal, they just need to “migrate to a #TMobileONE plan.”

Remember, this limited time offer is subject to change anytime. Users will also need timely redemption. It is clearly non-combinable with other offers run by the company.  Make sure all of the lines are active and in good standing before applying for the credit. It may take 1-2 billing cycles. As for limits, the credit is available for up to 8 lines per account. You can confirm all of these facts from the official website of T-Mobile. Customers already having their Google Pixel can get their SIM card right away.

At last:

T-Mobile has successfully got themselves in the news about Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL. It efficiently indicates that Mr. John Legere, the Chief Executive Officer of T-Mobile, is successfully and easily finding new ways to attract new customers and retain existing customers.

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The Expected Meaning of AT&T Acquisition of Time Warner for Customers

AT&T, TimeWarner


AT&T, one of the premiere phone service providers in the United States, has agreed to acquire media powerhouse Time Warner for almost $85 billion. This is certainly one of the largest acquisitions of all time.

What is expected from this merger?

This deal is expected to help AT&T ensure a quality user experience because they access content through multiple devices like cellphones and tablets. They will be able to connect the dots as content flows across multiple devices. This deal will mainly help AT&T, one of the premiere phone service providers in US, data mine vital information about users such as location, devices as well as behaviour to deliver accurate content at the right time in the best possible manner. More importantly, it will make for a complete holistic user experience that could possibly ensure consumer friendly innovations, said Gartner Analyst, Mr. Akshay Sharma.

What This Deal Could Mean?

Increased targeted advertising plays the most important role in funding all the content consumed by users. In simple words, this deal between the two companies will make ad targeting more granular. This means that the customers accessing the same content from different devices and locations will get to see different commercials.

AT&T’s CEO Mr. Randall Stephenson Says…

This deal will be a great medium/platform for the two companies to move faster and operate better in a world where customers increasingly access all sorts of content using prepaid phone services on their mobiles. The world of distribution and content is converging. Keeping this in mind, we must move faster toward doing something totally unique, says he. He mainly stressed the concept and requirement of curating and formatting content in a totally different way for mobiles.

Benefit to AT&T

This deal will certainly add a lot of value to AT&T’s portfolio of mobile, broadband and satellite TV services through the addition of Time Warner’s content brands like HBO, CNN, and Warner Bros as the company has a huge network of almost 130 million mobile customers. In addition to that, this deal is all about AT&T attempting to get smarter instead of becoming a totally dump pipe provider. Now, all this clearly depends on content and the kind of user experience. In one way or another, it will be a kind of benefit for AT&T.

There is a Twist:

According to the critics, the deal between AT&T, a phone service provider, and Time Warner can result in less consumer choice, increase in prices and a threat to media plurality. Mr. Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential nominee, also supported critics with his opinion in this regard. As per his opinion, the deal would offer “Excessive concentration of power” to the combined company. If he wins the election next month then he will block the deal, says Mr. Donald Trump.

At Last:

AT&T will gain a lot of benefit from this deal to provide a quality user experience across multiple devices. However, considering the twists, it will not be easy for AT&T to close the deal easily. Moreover, it will be very interesting to see whether AT&T actually benefits from this deal or, if the opinion of critics proves to be right.