AT&T To Launch Its First Tablet to Deliver Non-Stop Entertainment

AT&T Tablet


AT&T, the second-largest phone service provider in the US is now promising complete entertainment to its users. And this time, the company has done so with the announcement of its very first tablet – the AT&T Primetime.

The Announcement

The announcement by AT&T says that the Primetime tablet is going to be launched on 25th August 2017, which is on Friday. Thus, as per the prepaid local phone service provider, customers are going to get access to non-stop entertainment, quite soon!

The tablet and its related offers are available for both business and consumer customers of the giant phone service provider.

AT&T Primetime is available at offers that can be had for $10 a month for 20 months along with the AT&T Installment Plan or customers can also get it by paying $29.99 with a contract of 2 years.

The best feature of the tablet is considered to be its TV Mode that allows users to turn their tablet into a portable TV with video apps like DIRECTV.

With such innovations being introduced by the phone service provider, it is quite evident that the telecom giant has moved ahead in the race with its usual competitors providing mobile and home phone services. The company has been very innovative in introducing new services and technologies that give the best customer experience.

This is the reason why AT&T has still maintained its name in the US telecom market.

Here are some of the prominent features of the AT&T Primetime Tablet:

  • Display: 10-inch full HD display for better experience while watching videos, movies, photos, etc.
  • The all-new TV Mode feature to let the user’s access their favorite video apps like DIRECTV with just one swipe, and enjoy their own portable TV.
  • Battery: The tablet comes with a battery of 9070 mAh that allows users to surf the internet, listen to music, watch videos, or surf the internet through Wi-Fi for about 11 hours.
  • With Dual Bluetooth Audio Streams, the Primetime tablet becomes one of the best gadgets for traveling. This is because the tablet can play media through 2 Bluetooth headsets or speakers.
  • 5 MP primary and secondary cameras.

The tablet, introduced by the giant prepaid local phone service provider, offers the best experience even for the enterprise users.

Thus, the Primetime tablet by AT&T can be your complete package to entertainment and is best suited for every kind of customer.

In A Nutshell

With the launch of the new tablet, AT&T is surely going to expand its horizons. The launch of Primetime can be a game changer for the giant phone service provider with the feature of the TV Mode.

For people looking for a high-quality tablet with some good features, the Primetime tablet can be one of the best picks.

However, due to the lack of some features, many users might turn it down. Thus, it is still to be seen what response the tablet gets after the launch.

Verizon Smart Rewards Program Ending Soon

Verizon Wireless

According to the new buzz going on in the world of telecommunication, Verizon is ending its age-old Smart Rewards program, replacing it with a new one!

Customers that have been using the local phone service provided by Verizon must be well aware of its Smart Rewards program which is going to end soon. In place of this program, the telecom giant has introduced a new program called “Verizon Up”.

The Change of Reward Programs by Verizon

The plan has been utilized by Verizon customers for a long time now and it’s finally time to say goodbye to the reward plan.

As per the plan, customers could collect rewards and use them up through daily deals on vacations, merchandise, and more!

However, with a new rewards program, the cheap phone service provider is putting an end to the Smart Rewards program, and the process has started from 1st August.

From the said date, customers now cannot earn more points under the plan and the accumulated points or rewards can be used up till October 31st.

In this regard, Verizon – the leading local phone service provider in the US – seems to have a plan.

The telecom behemoth says that until the time when the Smart Rewards program is bound to end, that is until 31st October, it is going to introduce some sweepstakes and offers so that the points can be utilized well.

Though it has been seen that the Smart Rewards program by Verizon has never been much liked by customers of its local phone service. The reason behind this is that the offers, sweepstakes, and discounts offered under the program weren’t very beneficial for customers.

Even after collecting a good amount of points, they still had to pay for the merchandise, offers, etc. So, as per most Verizon customers, the Smart Rewards didn’t bring much to them by the cheap phone service provider.

Starting from November 1st, Verizon is introducing the all new rewards program called Verizon Up. The plan is targeted towards offers including concerts, movie tickets, brand new phones, game tickets, and much more!

As per the announcement of the new reward program made by the giant local phone service provider, the program features stores and sellers like Uber, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Nike, JetBlue, and more!

It is to be seen whether the new plan is going to take over the old one by Verizon and we’ll get to know more about this on November 1st.

In A Nutshell

The buzz about the new reward program by Verizon has been in telecom markets for a long time now. However, as the ending date of the old Smart Rewards program is inching closer, things are getting more hyped.

Customers with accumulated points are looking for ways to spend their points and earn their benefits from them and Verizon seems to be a helping hand in this matter.

However, we still have to see if the customers get a genuine chance and opportunity to spend their points and get genuine benefits or not.

T-Mobile’s Another Game Changer: The New ONE Unlimited 55+ Plan


T-Mobile is said to be responsible for eating up a whole chunk of subscribers from the leading mobile and local phone service providers like Verizon and AT&T. The reason behind this is seen to be T-Mobile’s innovative approach to reach new customers.

A recent example for this is seen with the new ONE Unlimited 55+ plan introduced by T-Mobile. And, we’re considering this to be a game changer!

The new plan by T-Mobile has been introduced for American citizens aged 55 or above. As per the giant prepaid phone service provider, the generation lying in the age group of 55+ has been that of the rule breakers. And since the inception of mobile phones, these people have not been provided with the mobile services that they’ve always deserved.

So, dragging almost every other leading mobile and local phone service provider into the matter, T-Mobile has given some great insights on why their plan is better.

T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ Plan

For just $60 (including fees and taxes), the plan launches for T-Mobile’s wireless services, starting 9th August. The plan includes unlimited texting, talk, 4G LTE data, and many other benefits from the T-Mobile ONE plan. The $60 unlimited plan is available with Autopay.

As per T-Mobile, the plan is one of the best deals offered by the third largest prepaid phone service provider of the US.

For the plan, the subscribers have to pay $50 for the first line of the T-Mobile ONE and for the second line, then $10 is to be paid to get unlimited benefits. The $5 discount is for the Autopay usage by the subscribers. Along with this, the subscribers of this plan offered by the giant prepaid phone service provider are going to get the T-Mobile ONE benefits that include Gogo Inflight, Simple Global, DIGITS, Mobile Without Borders, and more!

For buying the plan, subscribers will have to show their IDs for age confirmation.

With all these features, T-Mobile claims this plan to be the best for the generation that created the mobile technology.

The announcement of the plan drew forth a great deal of criticism that T-Mobile had for other giant mobile and local phone service providers, especially Verizon and AT&T – the duopoly!

John Legere, the president and CEO of T-Mobile, said, “For years, the carriers have been patronizing the generation that invented wireless. They thank these mobile pioneers by selling dumbed down ‘senior’ plans with exactly zero data and — get this — night and weekend minutes! That’s not just idiotic — it’s insulting!”

“Today, the Un-carrier ends this ridiculousness with T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ — an offer that recognizes how Boomers and beyond actually use their smartphones”, he added.

In a Nutshell

The new unlimited plan for the seniors by T-Mobile is clearly the prepaid phone service provider’s next move towards attracting the subscribers of other giant carriers. And for this, the company has aimed at just the right spot.

Targeting seniors by talking in their benefit and providing them with a bunch of cheap and convenient plans can actually work out for T-Mobile. Besides, in recent times, the company is playing very smart, crawling its way to the top three US-based mobile carriers. So, this could possibly work out too!

Sources Say Sprint Is Looking For Alternatives on Merger Deal

Sprint Mobile

In an attempt to seek alternatives for the merger deal with T-Mobile, Sprint has proposed a deal to Charter Communications Inc.

According to sources, talks about the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, the third and fourth largest mobile and cheap phone service providers, respectively, have been going on for a long time.

Since the merger deal isn’t coming to a conclusion, Sprint is on a lookout for alternative companies that it can tie up with.

The Proposal

The reports from leading publishers say that the proposal wasn’t about an entire merger, but for a minority stake.

As the news about the T-Mobile and Sprint merger has been making rounds for a long time, this move of the well-known low-income phone service provider has put a question mark on the talks.

It is evident now that Sprint wants to try its luck with the other renowned names before getting into a merger with T-Mobile.

However, it has been reported that Charter Communications has refused the deal proposed by Sprint.

The proposal was made by Japan’s Softbank Group Corp that has control over Sprint. The company proposed to run a whole new company that would still be controlled by Softbank but asked Charter Communications for a merger.

The deal proposed by the mobile and cheap phone service provider is said to be quite complex and so, Charter had to refuse it. Sprint has proposed to sell a minority stake to ISPs and provide access to its network in return.

The agreement evidently didn’t seem quite convincing to Charter. However, another reason behind Charter’s refusal can be the agreement between Charter and Comcast that was signed around the month of May.

As per the agreement, no one from either company can land a deal or agreement without each other’s permission. So, even if Charter had to agree to land the deal with Sprint, it would need the nod from Comcast.

With all this, it has been proven that Sprint is seeking alternatives for a merger deal. Besides the hot talks of a merger with T-Mobile, the low-income phone service provider is still seeking other companies for merger deals.

The sources from Sprint clarified that the deal proposed by the company to Charter doesn’t mean that it isn’t willing to merge with T-Mobile. It can be said that the company is trying to expand its horizons and services so as to survive in the competitive wireless market.

As we know, the talks for the T-Mobile-Sprint merger have been going on for quite some time now, and T-Mobile doesn’t seem to be in a rush for merger. Besides, the deal of the merger of both the cheap phone service providers has been pending legal approval.

In A Nutshell

With the talks of deals going on with the cable and telecom giants, Sprint has been in the news for a long time now. Now, it is to be seen whether these talks generate something fruitful for the mobile and low-income phone service provider or not.

AT&T To Split Its Telecom and Media Divisions after Time Warner Merger

AT&T - Time Warner Merger

The first announcement about its $85.4 billion acquisition of Time Warner was made last October by AT&T.

Since then, the two companies have been under a great storm of controversies and talks and the merger has greatly been doubted by far.

With President Trump’s statements against the merger and the opposition by Democrats, the merger seemed to be an impossible deal.

However, with the recent oversight given by the CEO of the huge prepaid phone service provider, Randall Stephenson, things seem positive about the merger talks.

The Oversight

The oversight given by the giant mobile and affordable telephone service provider tells us that the company is going to split its telecom and media assets after merging Time Warner Inc. Thus, AT&T is planning on running as two separate divisions after the merger.

According to experts, the company will be split into two different units with the telecom services and DirectTV by AT&T in one unit and the assets from Time Warner media in another.

Under the Time Warner media unit, the company is said to include channels like HBO, Warner Bros., CNN, etc. by Time Warner.

With this split, it has been announced that the chief strategy officer of AT&T, John Donovan will be promoted to the position of CEO of the telecommunications unit of the company. On the other hand, the entertainment chief of the giant prepaid phone service provider, John Stankey will head its media assets.

It has been mentioned that Randall Stephenson will still be the CEO of the giant mobile and affordable telephone service provider. And besides this, no other leadership decisions have been made yet.

This has been confirmed by AT&T spokesperson Larry Solomon. “No decisions on organizational structure or leadership have been finalized,” he told CNNMoney in an e-mail. “Randall and [Time Warner CEO] Jeff [Bewkes] are working through that. Randall will remain chairman and CEO of AT&T once the deal closes”, he added.

This shows that Stephenson is going to head the giant prepaid phone service provider with two unit chiefs working under him.

While talking about the merger, Stephenson said, “This is a perfect match of two companies with complementary strengths who can bring a fresh approach to how the media and communications industry works for customers, content creators, distributors and advertisers”

The merger talks have been on since last year and things have started to heat up lately. With the giant prepaid phone service provider still waiting to complete the Justice Department’s antitrust review, the big merger has been pending.

However, AT&T seems all set to play its cards as soon as the merger is finalized.

In A Nutshell

To sum it all up, the AT&T and Time Warner merger is going to be a big deal as can be inferred from the rounds of criticism, hype, and controversies that the matter has been dragged through.

The two huge companies are planning on changing the world of telecommunication and cable TV through this merger. Though the merger is still pending to be finalized, we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out for the telecom market in the US and for the two companies involved.

T-Mobile to Raise the Price of Its Premium Unlimited Data Plan


The US telecommunication market is often stirred with a buzz every now and then. Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint – the four major telecom companies of the US are always up to one thing or another.

Something similar had been recently witnessed when the T-Mobile and Sprint merger talks heated up. And now, as things seemed to have settled down a bit, T-Mobile has made another move!

The third largest mobile prepaid phone service provider has announced and confirmed a rise in the prices of its premium unlimited data plan.

The Increase in Price

The price of T-Mobile’s One Plus unlimited plan has been increased by $5. Thus, the add-on features of the One unlimited plan of the once cheap phone service are now available at a raised price of $10 per month.

These add-on features include the HD video option, preventing customers from being pushed to 480p video quality.

This hike in prices made the $70 One Plus Unlimited Plan by T-Mobile available for a total of $80 every month. This price is inclusive of all the taxes.

The plan has usually been liked by customers because of the high-quality internet service that it offers. The plan offers unlimited HD video streaming and unlimited usage of the mobile hotspot feature of which the first 10 GB are available at LTE speed.

Also, customers can enjoy features like in-flight Wi-Fi from Gogo and around 256 kbps to 128 kbps speed of international data.

The changes have put question marks on high-quality yet cheap phone service provided by T-Mobile as the plan has become expensive now.

The change in the plan was first brought to light by Reddit users and the company confirmed these changes after a while.

Why the Change?

According to a spokeswoman from T-Mobile, the change in the One Plus unlimited plan by the prepaid phone service provider, depicts the end of the promo period. The changes are also considered as T-Mobile’s move to match its rival Verizon’s unlimited plan.

This is because the HD video and hotspot features available with T-Mobile’s plan are similar to that of Verizon’s. However, when it comes to comparing the plans on the basis of price, AT&T is still the most expensive telecom vendor with an unlimited plan of $90 per month.

There is still an intense competition going on among all the telecom giants and such changes are a result of the competitive vibe going on in the market.

The change in the plan might be the end of a promotional period but officials from T-Mobile declined to acknowledge the raised price of the unlimited plan as part of another promotional period.

So, with the raised prices on its premium unlimited plan, T-Mobile has made it to the hot news once again! It’s yet to be seen whether things work out in favor of the mobile prepaid phone service provider or not.

With hiked prices, customers might react in certain negative manners but as it is one of the best data plans by the company, they might still stick to it! So, let’s wait and see how this move by T-Mobile plays out!

Verizon Charging Extra for Anti-Spam Features That Other Carriers Offer For Free

Verizon Anti Spam

Verizon has come up with yet another feature that has landed them into yet another controversy. The headlines have it that the mobile prepaid phone service provider is going to charge its customers for anti-spam features.

The matter of controversy here is that the other giant mobile and affordable telephone service providers are providing the same services for free. So, what is Verizon up to? Is the anti-spam feature provided by the telecom giant really worth paying a price for?

Verizon’s Anti-Spam Feature

Quite recently, Verizon announced a new subscription service that will help customers cut down on the robocalls and other automated spam calls and messages. To get the service, customers have to get the Verizon Caller Name ID app.

The app developed by the giant prepaid phone service provider tells its customers whether an incoming call is fraudulent, automated, a robocall, or spam. This saves the customers from being plagued by answering unnecessary calls.

The surprising and confusing fact about this service by Verizon is that the telecom behemoth is charging $2.99 per month for it.

This is a bit confusing for customers wondering why they have to pay $3 every month for this feature while the other affordable telephone service providers are giving it away for free. Carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile are delivering anti-spam features for free which is why Verizon’s paid subscription could be criticized.

Verizon’s Caller ID App

Verizon customers can get the caller ID feature by Verizon on both Android phones and Apple iPhones. This feature lets the customer decide whether or not to pick up the call and customers can easily reject the spam or robocalls to save a great amount of their time and money.

The Verizon Caller Name ID app for iPhone is available on the App Store from where it can be easily installed and the service can be used. For Android users, the spam detection tool can be picked from the Verizon app folder inside the smartphone. The Android version of the app is available only for the 18 Android phones eligible under Verizon’s mobile and prepaid phone service.

Through the app, the customers can see the caller ID and details of the numbers that are not saved in their phones. These details include the name of the people and businesses, location, and their contact details.

The app also allows customers to report the unwanted numbers by identifying them.

Quite similar features are offered by the other mobile and affordable telephone service providers as well but they are available for free and might be a little different from Verizon’s app.

According to Verizon, “Available for $2.99 per month, Caller Name ID is a premium experience delivering the right information at the moment it’s needed, including a “risk meter” for Android customers showing the likelihood of fraud.” 

In a Nutshell

As the anti-spam feature by Verizon comes with a price, it is more likely that the customers will pass on using the app. Chances are that most of the customers switch to other mobile prepaid phone service providers to get that feature for free. No doubt that Verizon will keep a close watch on its customers to see if this is a feature that would chase away subscribers.

AT&T Soon To Start With Extra Charges for Privacy


So now, as per AT&T, its customers will have to pay extra for their own privacy! And that is evident from the latest buzz going on in the world of telecommunications.

The famous mobile phone service provider has been in the news for its merger talks with Time Warner that has been under a cloud of doubt. Amidst all the chaos that the telecom giant has been facing because of the merger talks, the company has announced that its ‘privacy surcharge’ is going to make a comeback.

The Announcement

The announcement is said to have been made by a senior executive from AT&T and is something that the company has already tried and tested in the previous year.

Last year, the huge mobile and cheap local phone service provider started charging for the privacy of its customers if they opted out of the Internet Preference program by AT&T.

The charges were quite high and hiked the monthly bills of the customers to a sum ranging between $531 and $800 in the first month. The changes were made quietly by the company and were quite criticized by customers and privacy advocates.

“We got an enormous amount of criticism from privacy advocates when we rolled out in Austin, Texas, an ad-supported Internet service…Privacy advocates screamed about that,” said Bob Quinn, the Senior Vice President of AT&T, talking about the previous year’s privacy charges.

To avoid the heavy criticism and to seek the regulatory approval for the AT&T – Time Warner merger, the mobile and phone service provider had stopped with the continuation of those charges.

The company has stated that the new privacy charges are a way to give more control to the customers. However, the expensive charges are an exact opposite of this statement.

Also, it has been seen that even after being charged extra to protect the privacy of customers, the mobile and cheap local phone service provider doesn’t really stop collecting data from their customers.

When the privacy charges were deducted by the telecom giant in the previous year, the company suggested them as a discount to the customers. So, it can be said that the company is actually trying to manipulate the customers and privacy advocates by counting the vague positive impacts of the increased charges.

The statements don’t make a difference to the fact that paying extra for their privacy is what lies as a great burden on the shoulders of customers.

If the phone service provider is planning on continuing with the privacy surcharge, it is going to come out as an expensive service for the customers because the charges paid can reach a sum of $800 annually which is a ridiculously big amount.

In a Nutshell

It’s hard to believe that with all the chaos of accusations from Democrats, pending approval from Trump for the merger with Time Warner, and a lot of other things going on, AT&T has come up with the privacy charges announcement.

If the company sticks with its plan to charge extra, we will have to wait and see how it goes for AT&T. As the similar move had been criticized by customers before, the odds are less in favor of the famous phone service provider this time too.

So, let’s wait and see how it goes!

AT&T – Time Warner Merger: Senators Put the Deal under Doubt

AT&T Time Warner

AT&T, one of the leading prepaid phone service providers in United States, announced the acquisition of Time Warner in the month of October and since then, the matter has been in the news quite frequently.

Recently, the AT&T – Time Warner merger has made it to the hottest news again where the merger deal has been put under a cloud of doubt.

Democratic Senators Demanding To Block the Deal

In a letter to Jeff Sessions, the US Attorney General, a group of 11 Democratic senators have highlighted their objection to the acquisition proposal that AT&T made for Time Warner.

The major issues raised by the senators are that the acquisition or merger is going to harm the American customers by laying heavily on their pockets and affecting their access to entertainment programs. The issues include high prices, harm to net neutrality, decreased competition, lack of choice for users, content discrimination, and more.

According to the Democrats, the merger of Time Warner with the renowned mobile and home phone service provider can prove out to limit the competition among TV and mobile broadband providers. Also, the Democrats are concerned that the telecom behemoth and prepaid phone service provider AT&T might violate the principles of net neutrality by limiting the online and TV content of the competitors to its own network.

“AT&T-Time Warner could prioritize Time Warner content, including HBO, over HBO’s competitors in the premium channels market, such as Starz and Showtime. While premium channels are working to reach subscribers through over the top (OTT) services, many Americans still access premium channels by selecting them when they purchase or update their Pay-TV service, such as AT&T-owned DIRECTV. Because AT&T-Time Warner would have an incentive to drive subscribers to HBO, the combined company could choose to not market, market less vigorously, or otherwise harm its premium channel competitors during the DIRECTV sign-up process, which AT&T controls”, says the letter in this regard.

Why the Letter?

Democrats have drafted the letter and sent it to the Department of Justice because regulatory approval to the merger is still pending. Now, after bringing this letter into notice, the officials may or may not approve the merger of the huge prepaid phone service provider with Time Warner.

Thus, the acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T is still under a cloud of doubt.

It’s now in the hands of the Department of Justice. They can completely block the deal, can approve it, or approve it with terms and conditions. The giant mobile and home phone service provider will now have to wait and see what comes its way.

AT&T’s Response

For quite obvious reasons, AT&T denied everything that the letter had mentioned. In a statement, a spokesperson of the huge home phone service provider mentioned that the acquisition wouldn’t bring content discrimination but bring more choices for the consumers.

What’s next?

It’s to be seen whether the DOJ takes the decision in favor of AT&T or against it. With the letter being circulated to authorities, a great buzz has brought the merger under a dark cloud of doubt. With President Donald Trump against the deal, the odds are against AT&T. Still, let’s wait and see what’s next for the AT&T – Time Warner deal.

Sprint To Be the Exclusive Carrier of the Latest Essential Phone

Sprint Mobile

Earlier this month, the first phone by Essential was revealed.

Essential is said to be a startup owned by the co-founder of Android – Andy Rubin. With this release, the Essential phone is expected to make a huge impact in the mobile phone industry.

During the release of the phone, no names of the carriers delivering mobile and home telephone service were revealed for the partnerships with Essential. However, the latest buzz has it that Sprint is going to be the exclusive carrier for the Essential phone.

The news came into the light when Niccolo de Masi, Essential President, revealed about the agreement, mentioning Sprint as the network of the future.

Revealing the agreement with Sprint, Masi spoke with USA TODAY. “We like to bet where we think the market is going as opposed to where the market was,” he mentioned. “I feel like we are a new brand and a new consumer electronics company and we are partnering with the network of the future”, he added, referring to Sprint.

According to Essential, the decision was based on a strategic plan.

However, it’s a little hard to believe that Essential chose Sprint on purpose. It has been observed that most of the huge telecommunication companies and renowned mobile or home telephone service providers didn’t show any interests in Essential’s pitch. The reasons could be many!

First off, when it comes to relying on a new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), the telecommunication carriers providing mobile and long distance home phone service, become quite cautious. Thus, no large carriers budged for the latest Essential phone – the PH-1.

The second reason might be that the big telecom carriers weren’t quite impressed with the pitch that Essential placed. It was thus, quite difficult for Essential to impress the carriers like Verizon and AT&T that have been playing as the lead mobile and home telephone service providers of the time, followed by T-Mobile.

Contrary to this, Sprint has lost many subscribers in the past and thus, it has been taking the newer phones on board in a hope to boost its customer count.

This is the reason that Sprint has recently become the only US carrier partner for HTC U11 and Blackberry KEYone.

The Lingering Risk

For a startup, Essential has a certain amount of risk in its future, calling Sprint its ‘Exclusive Carrier’. This might bring confusion to prospects thinking that they have to be on the Sprint network to get access to the Essential phones.

This can be a misleading statement and things might turn out the way they did when Google released Pixel with Verizon as its exclusive carrier. By far, people aren’t aware that the phone is available at the Essential store as well, like Pixel was available at the Google Store, too.


Sprint’s pricing for the Essential phone PH-1 hasn’t been announced yet. However, at the Essential online store, one can get the phone unlocked for $699. You can also get an accessory 360 camera along with the phone, for $50 extra.

So, by far things seem a bit chaotic for Essential. It is yet to be seen if its choice for the mobile and long distance home phone service provider among the leading telecom companies will be fruitful or not.